Maryland Zoo Wedding: Katie + Jonathan

Bride and Groom_070   Bride and Groom_052Bride and Groom_076

Bride and Groom_002 Bride and Groom_021Group Portraits_16

Group Portraits_33

Bride and Groom_071 Bride and Groom_072

Bride and Groom_060

Girls Preshots_29 Girls Preshots_23Details_09   Details_01

Details_17 Details_19Details_23

Ceremony_139    Ceremony_1 Ceremony_133 Ceremony_134Bride and Groom_093

Bride and Groom_063   Bride and Groom_108Details_48 Details_49Details_40  Details_33Reception_092 Reception_085    Reception_044 Reception_245 Reception_076 Reception_300  Reception_202  Reception_303 Reception_333 Reception_321 Reception_332    Reception_296 Reception_214Bride and Groom_065

This weekend, I photographed Katie and Jonathan’s wedding at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore (to see their engagement shots, go here).

The whole day was awesome; it included a gorgeous lakefront ceremony, a reception in the Mansion House, and visits from a penguin and a kookaburra.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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