Santa Cruz Engagement Session: Kathy + Noel

After being rained out last weekend, we set out to shoot Kathy and Noel’s engagement pictures on Saturday. It started out a little grey, but the clouds soon opened up and we were treated with beautiful afternoon sunshine along West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz. Kathy and Noel were so easy to work, making my job easy and making for some great photos.

I look forward to their wedding in December!

More photos here.

2 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Engagement Session: Kathy + Noel

  1. The second picture down – “Love Eternal”
    Magnificent – no division from the beach, the water, the sky – endless love.
    I like your style and would like a quotation. Please contact me. Thank you very much.

  2. You have my envy, that your wife is so candid with taking photos with you. 🙂
    Wish I could have a babe like her as well. 😀
    Best wishes, from Singapore.


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