Meredith’s Bridal Shower

On Sunday I took photos at Meredith’s bridal shower. The shower was a lot of fun, with delicious tea and food!

More pictures here!

Julie Gosse Photography


Brendan and Meredith

This weekend I took some shots of the lovely pair Brendan and Meredith.  The two met in graduate school, fell in love, and have been a happy couple since!  Here’s some trivia you may not know: Brendan likes to eat, and Meredith is mildly obsessed with orchids!

There wedding is going to be at beautiful Stern Grove in August.  Look out for the pictures next month!


Julie Gosse Photography

Chris and Heather!

This weekend I took some shots of the newlyweds Chris and Heather!

Chris and Heather both ran on the MIT track team in college, and reconnected after they graduated.  After dating for a while, they decided to take up a great opportunity to live in Tokyo for a year.  Before heading out, they decided to take the plunge and get married!  After a quick engagement, they got married in Heather’s apartment, with only her brother as a witness and a justice of peace to make it official.

They plan on having a full celebration upon their arrival back home from Japan!

To see more pictures of the happy couple, go here!


Julie Gosse Photography